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What’s Yoomahn

YOOmahn is the first Tokenised Venture Capital Fund that invest in Real-Life projects closing the gap between virtual and venture capital investments.

Our smart contract allows us to perform the initial fundraising with extreme safety and in transparency, issuing YOO tokens to each investor.

At the same time, every YOO token holder can actively participate in the decision-making process choosing which project to invest in​, thanks to a voting system integrated into our platform.

We don’t invest in crypto projects, but we focus our investments in the real-life business. Finally, the strong point of YOOmahn is to provide not only funds but also a mix of technical competences to maximise the return on each project funded.

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Yoomahn Values


We come from diverse experience ranging from finance to marketing. We know exactly where we want to go and what we are doing down to the smallest details.


Share the knowledge means grow together. Our aim is to become an invaluable source of information and inspiration for our investors.


Speaking clearly means acting clearly. That’s why we do not hide ourselves behind huge percentages and jargon. We are here to make the difference by keeping it human.


We are here for the long term. If there are disappointments, we go on by making things better and shaping our journey together enjoyable and profitable.


We strive to tell the truth and stand together with our investors and partners. Integrity is the most important value on which our company has been built.


Read this first if you are new to the terms "ICO", "Crypto" and "Blockchain".


The Problems with Venture Capital Market and ICOs

1Too much speculation

Many Funds which raised capitals through ICO’s re-invest in high-speculative crypto projects, with no diversification of risks.

2Too far from the "real-life" business

The funds who are purely investing in crypto projects are not creating something FOR the future, but only speculating ON the future.

3Lack of know-how

Crypto Venture Capital Funds limit their activity to pure speculative financing, without bringing know-how to help the growth of the projects.

4Illiquidity for funds investors

Normally, a Venture Capital partnership is a 10-year blind-pool. Investing is reserved only for those who can afford to “forget” about their capital during such an extended period.

The YOOmahn Solution


Our investments are not pure financial speculation but will be a well-diversified portfolio of projects to minimise risks.

2Real business world

The Fund will look to any possible opportunity of investment in the traditional business world.

3Super service

YOOmahn will provide not only cash but also all the management and technical support to let our investment projects have healthy and fast growth.

4Liquidity = Inclusivity

Tokens issued by YOOmahn to investors are liquid assets. We make Venture Capital more inclusive because, with liquidity, any investor can participate, no matter the size of the investment or the timing.

Fund Structure

How We Invest

Investment Amount

Our investments can range between $100K-$500K as an initial investment, with a sweet-spot around $250K. We are open to have our investments syndicated with other investors as part of a bigger financing rounds as long as we will participate for >50% of the round.

Investment Pace

We actively engage with and help our portfolio companies. We will support up to 4 new investments per year.

Lead & Follow

We lead investments and take a board seat alongside the founders. We provide training wheels for the founders and we will remain active on the board through the Pre-Seed, Seed, and in Series A.

Deal Structure

We are active investors and we help portfolio companies to grow. We typically invest in a priced equity round only. We do not do convertible notes, SAFEs, or any other forms of convertible / debt-based equity.

Not only money

Even if we provide an important contribution in terms of financing, the biggest asset we want to provide to our portfolio companies is given by the mix of technical and marketing skills we will guarantee them.

What we invest in


We look for founders who are capable of building their own product and capable of leading the business.


We look for either core new technologies, radically new markets or opportunities of disrupting existing markets. But also very interested in traditional sectors, including real estate, retail, food and beverage and education.


We want companies which allow us to generate positive cash flows within a medium-short term time period.


We engage with founders and their vision of the future. We like to be the first professional capital into a company, ideally before the company has raised any outside capital at all.


We typically consider companies where the whole team is located in one specific Area. We believe that there is something that happens when people share the environment and the daily routine.

Industry: Fintech
Project Stage: Seed
Target Investmed Amount: $ 400,000
Expected Exit Amount: > $ 1,500,000 after 12 months

Peer-to-Peer lending platform that allows businesses to sell their unpaid invoices and gives businesses instant liquidity and the buyers a healthy return, thanks to a provision fund to insure against borrower default.

Industry: Ag Tech
Project Stage: Pre-Seed
Target Investmed Amount: $ 250,000
Expected Exit Amount: > $ 2,000,000 after 18 months

Aeroponic growing technology that allow to grow without soil and without sun, all year round and in any location, transforming food production into a more sustainable, efficient, and safe process.

Industry: Urban Mobility
Project Stage: Seed
Target Investmed Amount: $ 175,000
Expected Exit Amount: > $ 700,000 after 8 months

Nationwide delivery service that’s “on-the-way” - faster, more flexible, more scalable, more cost-efficient and more sustainable than traditional carriers and “on-demand” couriers.

Industry: E-commerce
Project Stage: Seed
Target Investmed Amount: $ 300,000
Expected Exit Amount: > $ 1,500,000 after 12 months

Fashion rental marketplace that allows users to monetize their designer’s items by lending them out to other users, without having to sell them.

Industry: Artificial Intelligence
Project Stage: Pre-Seed
Target Investmed Amount: $ 200,000
Expected Exit Amount: > $ 2,000,000 after 18 months

Machine Learning Server built on top of a state-of-the-art open source stack for developers and data scientists to create predictive engines for any machine learning task.

Industry: EdTech
Project Stage: Pre-Seed
Target Investmed Amount: $ 400,000
Expected Exit Amount: > $ 2,000,000 after 12 months

Peer-to-peer tutoring platform for highschool students, connecting them with top universities students in order to get the best preparation for tests and finals.

Industry: EdTech
Project Stage: Seed
Target Investmed Amount: $ 250,000
Expected Exit Amount: > $ 1,200,000 after 8 months

Browser-based computational learning platform, where children can learn programming through a fun and engaging gaming experience.

Industry: Wearable & Hardware
Project Stage: Pre-Seed
Target Investmed Amount: $ 500,000
Expected Exit Amount: > $ 4,000,000 after 18 months

Smart gym equipments, that allows gym managers to collect datas and members to automatically track their workouts and access virtual personal training.

Industry: Travel and Leisure
Project Stage: Pre-Seed
Target Investmed Amount: $ 150,000
Expected Exit Amount: > $ 1,000,000 after 18 months

Management software for beach facilities owners and platform for online booking of beach seats, beds and umbrella, featuring geo localization.

Industry: Health Tech
Project Stage: Pre-Seed
Target Investmed Amount: $ 450,000
Expected Exit Amount: > $ 3,000,000 after 12 months

IoT based remote patient monitoring platform utilizing passive connected sensors and machine learning to enable the early detection of deteriorating health conditions.


As part of the YOOmahn income strategy, YOO holders are entitled to receive quarterly dividends based on the sum of the realized performances of the projects invested by YOOmahn, generated during that period.

50% of realised performance - will be credited back to the token holder in ETH on a quarterly basis.

40% of realised performance - will be reinvested into YOOmahn, therefore expanding assets under management and increasing the intrinsic value of each YOO token.

10% of realised performance - will be used to fund the ongoing operation of YOOmahn holding and YOOmahn Management Company.

YOO Initial Coin Offering

General Information

YOOmahn Token
Token price:
1 YOO = 1 US$
YOO Tokens available for ICO:
94,000,000 YOO (94%)
YOO Tokens held by Developers and Advisors:
1,000,000 YOO (1%) subjected to vesting
ETH in equivalent of 50,000,000 US$
Total Tokens:
100,000,000 YOO
YOO Tokens held by the Team:
5,000,000 YOO (5%) subjected to vesting
ETH in equivalent of 2,500,000 US$

All tokens, not sold in our crowdsale, will be burned.

Fund Allocation

  • 80% Invested in startups and projects
  • 5% Investments support providers
  • 10% Reserve Fund
  • 3% New investment scouting
  • 2% Marketing and media



This phase is dedicated to a small circle of institutional and high net worth individual investors that have being supporting the project since its birth.

Phase duration:
One month from this Phase’s start or until 10,000,000 YOO tokens are sold;
YOO Tokens:
10,000,000 YOO
10,000 YOO
1,00,000 YOO



This phase is dedicated to our close Community members and early contributors that will be able to obtain YOO tokens. We want to ensure that our YOO tokens will be well distributed among long-term supporters and users actively participating to our project.

Phase duration:
Three weeks from this Phase’s start or until 12,000,000 YOO tokens are sold
YOO Tokens:
12,000,000 YOO
10,000 YOO
100,000 YOO



This phase is dedicated to the general public, including small contributors.

Phase duration:
One month from this Phase’s start or until the hard cap is reached.
YOO tokens:
72,000,000 YOO.
250 YOO
50,000 YOO in the first 48 hours. After that, the limit will be removed.

Investment Tracker Tool

A powerful tool which will allow YOOmahn investors to participate in the daily activity of the fund and let them experience the world of Venture Capital Funds with the maximum transparency.

1Decide the next investments

Through the investment tracker, every YOO holder will be able to vote for the future projects to invest in (1YOO=1VOTE).

2Fund Stats

The application allows investors to access all the available information including Net Asset Value (NAV) reports; Fund latest financials; Active investments performances and Market updates.

3Transaction Alert

Alerts sent to the investor when YOOmahn approves a new investment.

4Upcoming Dividend Notifier

The application alerts investors about the details regarding quarterly dividend distribution.

Timeline & Roadmap

Yoomahn Key People








Federico Latini
Francisco Carrasco
Marco Pangherz
Maria Rita Schiera
Paolo Pipponzi
Won Kim